Cellulosa lack, AZTEC GOLD, Spray 400ml

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Cellulosa lack spray 400ml , Aztec Gold

The colour Aztec gold was added to the Fender catalogue in 1983 as a custom colour in the Elite series (Japan 1983-1986).

From that date onwards it was used on several Fender Jazzmaster, Telecaster and Stratocaster series, such as the  LINCOLN BREWSTER signature. It is a colour based on the legendary 1972 Buick GSX car.

Application guide:

We start applying the color once the guitar has been dabbed with Nitorlack Primer..

When we start the painting work, the pores must be closed and the grain must not be marked.

Apply the product either by spray or spray gun to a distance of 25 cm..

When applying we must follow a pattern of application, first horizontal and then vertical, applying the paint uniformly.

Apply several coats, letting dry between them about 24 hours and sanding between them, to remove any remaining impurities.

This work will be finished when the surface is completely smooth and free of imperfections.